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Technology support for start-ups

It's our favorite cooperation model - we will form your technical team. We will take care of all everything happening in between your business and technology - for you to focus on developing your product, client relationships and extending you offerings.

Everything from product design and technology selection, to idea testing, to prototyping, finally to development and implementation - we will be there for you and your business. We'll make sure your products and solutions are:

When providing technical support for start-ups, we work in both technology and business streams. We also keep in mind these two are very close together, and the success is dependent on keeping them this way.

STREAM ONE: business challenges - advisory and support with product ideation and design, product  prototyping, experimenting, testing, MVP development, business scaling.

STREAM TWO: technical challenges - technology selection, solution design and development, managing software development process in an agile way.

Depending on your expectations, we will take care of all or only part of the above. For some, we can offer an advice. It's often the case the phases are repeated or performed in a different sequence. It usually depends on project type, stage budget or your individual needs and expectations.

Our solutions are

Easy to understand for you and your client. Our solutions are aimed to be just as complicated as to satisfy all your requirements and, at the same time, just as simple that everyone can easily grasp the idea. We seek balance. To get there, we will need your guidance - every case is different and all our solutions are derived from a business vision.

According to latest technology trends. We take advantage of new technologies, created and acknowledged by leading market suppliers, e.g. Google Firebase, Amazon Web Services. We know we can rely on their capabilities - they are efficient enough to power Netflix, updated continuously, without any impact on working solutions, and documented extensively, including strong communities built around, ready to share knowledge and help resolve issues.

Cost-effective. We gladly use cloud technologies offered by the biggest players. Do you need a quickly built prototype or an MVP to test your idea? Why invest in full infrastructure (servers, databases) and bear administration costs, when you can just plug into a serverless architecture allowing to cut setup costs to only 40 percent of original value, letting you also shut down easily, quickly and cheap in case of project failure.

Quick to develop, easy to evolve and change. We believe in Agile methodology. We break down projects to smaller iterations and tackle challenges one by one, guided by your priorities. In case of sudden change of wind, we simple adjust our sails and continue our journey in the right direction. We never assume a business decision is final, Earth is round and the weather tomorrow will be same as today. That's why we stay in touch, seek early signs of requirement changes - or even provoke them!

Safe and scalable. Cloud solutions we use are capable of scaling up and down, and their cost is associated with exact resources you use. That's why you will not pay extra, and during any expected or unexpected peak times (like Christmas shopping frenzy) you will never worry about infrastructure overload. Security is built in these solutions by default, with encryption algorithms constantly improved. We couldn't work it out better ourselves - so we leave it for experts and focus on our job.

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