We just can't stand staying in one place.

We believe the latest technology should be within reach of every user and every business, no matter how tiny it is. We'd like to see social development keeps pace of technology development. The thing we like most about our job is discovering new possibilities and finding new ways of using complicated technologies.

You have your vision, your idea and your business. And you need time, to manage it and take it forward.

We know technologies and how to apply them. We are creative. We exist to connect your business to technology, help solving your technical challenges and enable implementing your business vision.

  • We advise on product design and development
  • We select appropriate technology
  • We develop efficient and safe solution
  • We take care of its maintenance

Last but not lease, we always make sure it's easy and simple for you!

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Technology for start-ups

It's our favourite - we will form your technical team.
We will take care of all everything happening in between your business and technology - for you to focus on developing your product, client relationships and extending you offerings. Everything from product design and technology selection, to idea testing, to prototyping, finally to development and implementation - we will be there for you.

Dedicated business apps

Do you need a dedicated app to optimize running your business? Do you have a product design, concept of solution or perhaps just a brief idea? Do you know your needs exactly, or maybe just want to test an idea at a low cost and in a low scale, before you hit the market? We will help anyway. Everything from product design, to testing and verifying ideas, to building prototypes or MVP, all the way to creating fully functional software according to existing design.

Web & mobile apps

Do you need a simple mobile app? Do you dream of a multi-component marketplace system with mobile app for a user, web-accessed administration panel and integration with external services? And perhaps you only have a business vision and initial idea, with detailed solutions still to come. Based on our experience, we will help selecting optimal technology, design the product and develop appropriate technical solution.


Michał Błach
Michał Błach
Technical Architect

In charge of technical endeavours, developers and technical architecture design

Krzysztof Biegluk
Krzysztof Biegluk
Business Architect

Creates business solutions to Client challenges, cares about efficiency, manages projects


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